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What happend after u bet pokemon x

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What Happened After You Beat Pokémon X: A Comprehensive Review

"What Happened After You Beat Pokémon X" is a highly informative and engaging resource for all Pokémon X players who are curious about the post-game content and events that unfold after defeating the game's main storyline. This review aims to highlight the positive aspects and benefits of this resource, as well as identify the conditions under which it can be used effectively.

I. Detailed Post-Game Content Exploration:

  • An in-depth exploration of the post-game content, including new areas, quests, and encounters.
  • Provides comprehensive information on additional storylines and character developments.
  • Guides players through important side quests and hidden events, ensuring they don't miss out on exciting content.

II. Unlocking New Features and Pokémon:

  • Guides players on how to access new features and gameplay modes that become available after completing the main story.
  • Offers strategies for catching legendary and rare Pokémon that are exclusive to the post-game, enhancing the player's collection.
  • Provides tips on breeding and training Pokémon for competitive battles, allowing players to take their skills to the next level.

III. Time-Saving Tips and Tricks:

  • Offers time-saving techniques for efficiently completing post-game challenges and tasks.
  • Provides checklists and step-by-step instructions
Once the battle is over, AZ will express his new found sense of freedom. It only took him 3,000 years. His long lost Floette will float down from the sky, finally reuniting the two. After this, the credits will roll!

What happens when you catch all Pokemon in Pokemon X?

Pokémon X & Y - The player wins two diplomas for completing both the Kalos and National Dex. Seeing all of the Pokémon in the Kalos Pokédex will earn the player an Oval Charm, while completing the National Dex will earn them a Shiny Charm.

What to do after beating electric gym in pokemon x?

When you exit the Gym, you'll receive a Holo Clip from Professor Sycamore. He'll ask you to meet him at Lysandre Cafe in Magneta Plaza. Head there now and have a little conversation along with Lysandre.

Can you catch mewtwo in Pokemon X?

Mewtwo is one of the most famous and elusive Pokémon in the series' long history, and it is finally available for everyone to catch in Pokémon X and Y. You'll need to have beaten the Elite Four, but Mewtwo is well worth it.

Is Pokémon ending forever?

After 25 years, Ash's story has finally come to an end as the final episode of the original Pokémon anime aired in Japan on March 24, 2023. The series will continue with a new anime, Pokémon Horizons: The Series, but the conclusion of Ash and Pikachu's journey truly marks the end of an era.

Can you get Gardevoirite before Elite Four?

You CAN get it before the Elite Four, technically... like, IMMEDIATELY before the Elite Four, if you know how to get it. she'll give it after the kyogre/groudon battle. She'll give it to you after you beat Groudon/Kyogre.

Where can I find Ampharos mega stone?

Azure Bay Mega Ampharos: You will be given this stone, Ampharosite, in Azure Bay. Mega Scizor: You can find this stone, Scizorite, in the Frozen Cavern located behind Abomasnow. Mega Heracross: You can find this stone, Heracronite, in Santalune Forest during the post-game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Ampharosite in Pokemon Y?

Ampharos: Travel beneath the Sea Spirits Den in Azure bay, and a man on an island (next to a fishing trainer) will give you Ampharosite.

Where do you go after you beat Clemont in Pokemon X?

Go out of the gate on the northernmost boulevard to Route 14.

Where is Professor Sycamore lab in Pokemon X?

South Boulevard The other parts are blocked until the player has defeated Team Flare at the Kalos Power Plant and watched Clemont relight the Lumiose Gym. Located on this street is the PR Video Studio, Professor Sycamore's Pokémon research lab, and Coiffure Clips.

Where do I go after beating Elite 4 in Pokemon Y?

The Lumiose Station After the credits roll, start your game back up to find yourself back in Vaniville Town. Your mother will tell you Professor Sycamore wishes to see you at the Lumiose Station at North Boulevard. Right outside your home is Shauna. She will offer you the first evolution of her own Starter Pokemon.

What happens after you defeat Elite 4?

Extra Matches. In addition to the Gym Leaders and Master Trainers, there are a few other battles that you'll be able to partake in after defeating the Elite Four. Team Rocket's Archer lurks about the Team Rocket Hideout in Celadon City waiting for a rematch, and the nefarious Jessie and James can be found on Route 17.

What is the dragon type in the Elite Four Pokemon Y?

Drasna Drasna is a member of the Kalos Elite Four that specializes in Dragon-type Pokemon.


Where is Barry after the Elite Four?
Challenge the Battle Tower After defeating the Elite Four, Barry will call you to meet with him at the Fight Zone.
How do you get Mega Evolution stones in Pokémon X and Y?
Finding Mega Stones Many Mega Stones can be found all over Kalos, and even more can be found sparkling on the ground after powering up your Mega Ring. To power up your Mega Ring, you must do the following: Beat the Pokemon League. Go to Kiloude City by train from Lumiose Station in Lumiose City.
How do you unlock Mega Stones?
Before finding the Mega Stones you need to have defeated the Pokémon League and traveled to Kiloude City and defeated your rival for the final time. Your rival (he or she) will give you an Absolite (the Mega Stone for Absol) and tell you to visit Professor Sycamore (he is found in Anistar City).
How do you get the other starter Mega Stones X and Y?
The guy in Lumiose will sell you both of the starter stones you didn't get from Sycamore, but he only sells one per day, on a three day cycle. On the first day, He'll sell Venusaurite. The second day he sells Charizardite (X or Y, depending on your version). The third day he sells Blastoisinite.
How do you get the mega bracelet in Pokemon Y?
Mega Ring is an in-game item available in Pokémon X and Y that allows you to evolve your Pokémon into its “Mega” form. Mega Ring can be acquired by defeating Korrina, the gym leader of Shalour City, and is used with Mega Stones to make your Pokémon undergo a mega evolution during a Pokémon battle.
Can Ash's Greninja Mega Evolve?
The answer is NO while some people think it is possible in the Pokemon series it is stated that is can not evolve or mega evolve when in Ash-greninja form.

What happend after u bet pokemon x

What level should I be to fight the Elite Four? Before facing the Elite Four, it's usually recommended that players reach a level threshold for all their Pokemon. It's best to have all Pokemon at least Level 60 or higher before facing the Elite Four, as their Pokemon tend to be in this level range.
What happens if you beat the Elite Four but lose to the champion? If I go to the pokemon league, beat the elite four, but then lose to the champion, do I have to fight all of the elite 4 again, or just the champion? You have to fight everyone. Same thing happens as always: You black out and rush to the Pokemon Center.
Can you beat the Elite Four more than once? From a gameplay standpoint, the Academy Ace tournament replaces rematching the Elite 4 as a post-game training/money method. And from a lore standpoint, there is no reason for you to do so.
How do you get to the elite 4 in Pokemon Y? Pokemon League Building Enter the building to the north and walk down either the left or right hall inside. The next room contains four doors, each leading to a member of the Elite Four. Click each Trainer's name to jump down to their team. Defeat all four to gain access to the Champion.
Where do you grind before elite 4 violet? 10 Easiest Places To Grind In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
  • 10 South Province Area 4. Wild Pokémon include:
  • 9 Early Level Tera Raids. 1-to-3-Star Tera Raid Pokémon battles include:
  • 8 West Province Area 1. Wild Pokémon include:
  • 7 East Province Area 2.
  • 6 Asado Desert.
  • 5 Glaseado Mountain.
  • 4 Casseroya Lake.
  • 3 Academy Ace Tournament.
  • What level should Pokemon be for Elite Four lets go?
    • Make sure anything you bring is at least level 50 - a solid level 55 that isn't on this list is probably better in most cases than a level 40 with a type advantage.
  • What level should I be for the Sinnoh Elite Four?
    • Between 55 and 60 The ideal levels to challenge the Pokémon League are between 55 and 60-ish. Aaron - the first and perhaps weakest of the Sinnoh Elite Four - has three level 53 Pokémon, with his toughest being a level 57 Drapion (which ironically isn't a Bug-type).
  • What level should you be to fight the Elite Four fire red?
    • Reach level 65 before taking on the Elite Four. They can be found in Indigo Plateau at the end of Victory Road.
  • What level should my Pokemon be for the Elite Four diamond?
    • Level 55 How to Prepare for The Elite Four in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. You're going to need to have a well-balanced party and lots of items. Your Pokemon should be at least Level 55 with your heavy hitters at Levels 58-65. You'll have to face each trainer, one after another, healing as you go.
  • What Pokémon do I need to beat Elite 4?
    • The Best Team to Defeat the Elite Four
      • Lucario.
      • Garchomp.
      • Togekiss, Honchkrow, or Staraptor.
      • Infernape, Empoleon, or Torterra.
      • Snorlax.
      • Magnezone.
      • Palkia or Dialga.